Belgian Endocrine Society

Webapp voor het organiseren van het jaarlijks wetenschappelijk evenement

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Very happy with this much needed website, taking the Belgian Endocrine Society into the next decade. Easy to manage memberships, sponsors and scientific content makes this an attractive, always up-to-date and fresh looking website. Prof. Dr. Guy T'Sjoen - UZ Gent, Diensthoofd, Endocrinologie

Over Belgian Endocrine Society

The Belgian Endocrine Society (BES) is a professional organization bringing together academic and community-based endocrinologists and researchers engaged in providing health care, education and research within the broad domain of endocrinology.

BES sponsorships

Every year, the BES organizes a congress for its members. This involves looking for sponsors, dealing with contracts, logos, sponsorship booths, ... This means a lot of administrative work.

We were asked to lighten the administrative load. After analyzing the process, we built a web app that simplifies and saves time. The app automates repeating tasks and gives an overview of what needs to be done next.

Sponsors can log in to the app and handle certain tasks themselves: uploading a logo, providing invoice details, downloading invoices, choosing a location for a sponsorship booth, ... This eliminates a lot of administrative work.

The app gives the BES team a clear overview of the status of the sponsorship deals. Their details are automatically published to the website - so no need to duplicate this information. The app also makes it easy to contact sponsors with mail and export tools.

BES meetings and site frontend

Besides creating this app, we also redesigned their website and improved its structure. BES members can login to consult members-only info, or update their profile. And of course, all site content can be easily managed by the BES team.

Voor dit project waren wij verantwoordelijk voor: design, frontend, programmatie.