Camouflage Comics

Kunstproject door Aarnoud Rommens over geschiedenis en censuur tijdens de Argentijnse Dirty War

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Camouflage Comics — Dirty war images is a project initiated by Aarnoud Rommens. It explores the history of the Dirty War, the popular term for the military dictatorship that governed Argentina between 1976 and 1983, renowned for "disappearing" tens of thousands of civilians.

Camouflage Comics won the Memefest 2005 prize in visual communication practice and interactive works and got the silver prize for the 4th Gangart Awards 2005.

The site begins with an encyclopedia entry that outlines a brief history of the dictatorship, which includes several strings of blacked-out words. Clicking the censored text reveals comics produced during this time of political duress and critical writings about censorship, history, memory and reconstruction.

Voor dit project waren wij verantwoordelijk voor: design, frontend, programmatie.