Over Catapult

Catapult is an Antwerp-based graphic design agency. What makes them special is that they pay great attention to typography. On their website, the two most popular web fonts interchange within a 24 hour cycle.

Custom CMS

We made a custom CMS for Catapult and translated their design into a web-based portfolio. That website links projects together using tags, fonts and clients.

Catapult surveys

We developed a tool that Catapult can use to do research related to visual identities. A survey can be sent out to the members of an organization or the employees of a company. The respondents are asked a series of questions related to how they perceive their organization. This data can then be used as the starting point for developing a visual identity.

Newsletter module

We also created a CMS module they can use to easily create newsletters with selected content from the website.

Voor dit project waren wij verantwoordelijk voor: frontend, programmatie.